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What to expect from a Lash Lift

Lash Lifts, although a relatively new lash service, are becoming one of my most popular treatments.

Its the new lash treatment for people who don't want to commit to Lash Extensions, but still want to enhance their lashes.

With amazing results, sometime's they can even be mistaken for Lash Extensions

The process involves apply 2 lotions to your natural lashes, whilst they are wrapped around a shield placed on your eyelids.

The process is extremely relaxing, will not damage your natural lashes and will give the appearance of wearing mascara.

The main reason's people are loving this treatment are.

  • Your lashes look instantly longer, thicker, curled and darker - giving the appearance of wearing mascara (without the panda eyes).

  • The treatment only takes about 1 hr, and results last 6-9 weeks, depending on your natural lashes.

  • Its extremely cost effective at $120 per treatment.

  • Its so low maintenance (especially in comparison to extensions) with the option to purchase a lash serum to keep the lashes hydrated and improve lash health and growth.

  • You can swim, surf, sweat it out at the gym etc and your lashes will still look perfect.

  • Each treatment is finished with an application of Lash Botox, for optimal lash health - FREE of charge

  • Each time you have your lashes lifted you will notice that not only will your lashes will appear healthier, but they will also grow from each treatment.

  • It works on all lash length's, even short lashes can be lifted. And if you want to aid growth of your natural lashes you can purchase a Lash Growth Serum that can safely and effectively be used in conjunction with a Lash Lift that provides incredible results.

So as you can see, this is the perfect treatment for busy people, who don't want to commit to lash extensions, but still want to wake up, and walk out the door looking perfect everyday.

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