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Secret Stay Put Brow Soap

The DIY Brow Lamination

Fuller Fluffier Brows Instantly

Keeps Brows in place all day long

Nourishes and promotes growth

Handmade, vegan and animal friendly

What is it?

How does it work?

What comes
in the kit?

Keep those brows in place all day long, with this secret formulation that I have discovered.

Its a DIY Brow Lamination, that is so easy to use.

After months of experimenting I have come up with the best formula that not only will shape your brows, but is also good for them as well.

With ingredients such as Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Australian honey, Aloe Vera and sodium, it will keep your brows full and fluffy, in the desired shape you like, as well as keeping them hydrated all day long.

Not to mention it smells amazing.

Each soap kit comes complete with an atomiser to dispense a little water, a mascara wand for easy application and instructions on how to get the perfect brows in under a minute.

At the end of the day, simply wash off with water.

My brow soap is my number one selling item, and has become extremely popular with Makeup Artists, Brow Artists, Models and Influencers.

Perfect Brows are now so achievable.

If you would like to stock this in your salon, contact me for wholesale pricing

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Honestly I love everything about it, its so simple to use and doesnt gather like other ones I have tried in the past - also thought i'd let you know im using it for a get ready with me in my next video too. 

Jacob Stella - Public Figure, Pro MUA, Digital Creator, Influencer

Omgosh I love it!

Super easy to use and it does what it says which is very pleasing.

Dale Butfield - Model

The product is FABULOUS

It does indeed, STAY.

The smell is glorious.

It doesn't give a white sort of residue, as some do.

Alex Grbas  - Hair and MUA, Educator

Overall i really like the product: Packaging and instructions are great, I love the lux yet compact design and that it comes with a water spray and case for the brush.

Sophie Kazda - Fashion Model

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