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The 2024 Viral Brow Trend - AIR BRUSH BROWS!

What are Air Brush Brows?

This new technique, is a form of tint application using air brush technology.

The 2024 Brow Trend that is an absolute Game Changer. Airbrush Brows will give you that flawless finish.

Using Infinity Aqua Drop, the world’s first liquid tint, that repairs the hairs whilst tinting them, this new innovative technique uses a custom tint, that is applied using an airbrush to provide a seamless finish to the brows.

It’s suitable for all brow types, and depending on your style, it can be soft, airy and natural, or for those who would like a more dark defined brow this is also achievable with this technique.

Far superior than regular tint, this product provides the longest lasting skin stain, with tint that will last up to 10 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hair.

If you want to try this viral brow trend, book you appointment today, you will love your new perfect brows.

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