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What Lash Style is right for you?

With so many different options available now, it can sometimes be hard and quite overwhelming trying to decide on a style that not only will suit your look, but also be maintainable for your lifestyle.

I offer the widest range of options available so there is something to suit everyone.

  1. Classic Lashes are the most natural lash extensions available. 1 extension is applied to each natural lash, which will give you length but not fullness. This is a great option for those new to extensions who want a very natural look. (its great for people with a lot of natural lashes, but please keep in mind if you have a sparse natural lash line, they can look a little empty).

  2. Volume Lashes are by far the most popular lashes due to their versatility of different styles. Volume lashes are handmade fans that are created for each individual natural lash. These handmade fans can be anywhere between 4 dimensional to 12 dimensional (meaning each fan can be made to the fullness required for each individual client). This gives you the chance to decide on a light volume look or a full volume look, depending on the fullness you would like to acheive.

  3. Mega Volume Lashes are for the clients that love a bit of drama in their life. They are dramatic and full and give you a dense blacked out look. Using the finest of lashes available to create handmade fans up to 25 dimensional and lashing in layers you will achieve a very full fluffy look that no one will miss.

  4. Wispy Lashes are multidimensional lashes with different lash lengths in each handmade fan. This creates a textured strip lash look, with length and fullness, and is one of my most popular styles.

  5. Wet Lash Look Lashes are exactly that, they look wet. This trending lash style is created using handmade fans that are narrow almost closed giving the appearance of your lashes looking wet. The lashes are glossy and give a textured effect.

  6. Hollywood Hybrid Lashes the lash look made famous by Kim Kardashian uses volume fans with longer spikes throughout the lash line to create length, thickness and textured spikes.

  7. L Curl Lashes are volume lashes (light to mega volume) that provide a dramatic lift to the eye. The lashes have a dramatic curl to them, and are perfect for people with downward growing lashes, or people who like the cat eye look.

All of the above lash styles and completely customised you, with different lengths and curls available, any style is acheivable.

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