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Mega Volume Lashes, using the Flower Bouquet Technique

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

My Speciality is Mega Volume lashes, and I always gets asked, "how can you apply so many lashes to my natural lashes without damaging them?".

The answer is simple, I have been specifically trained by Lash Box Australia in a technique called "the flower bouquet technique".

This advanced signature technique allows me to apply thousands of lash extensions to the natural lashes, to create a dense, lightweight blackout look.

Because the lashes are so fine (0.02), I am able to safely make each hand made fan with up to 25 lash extensions, and apply it to each individual natural lash without any damage to the natural lashes.

In fact, the image below shows you 1 mega volume handmade lash fan in comparison to 1 classic lash extension, as you can see they are the same diameter at the base, and the mega volume fan actually weighs less than the classic lash, so in my opinion are a much better alternative.

They are weightless, softer and the retention is amazing, as they completly wrap around the natural lash.

Mega Volume lashes provide density without damage, with a very full and fluffy look.

So "YES" Mega Volume fans are perfectly safe for your natural lashes, and they look amazing.

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