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Hydro Jelly Brow Mask - The new generation of masks!

Hydro Jelly Masks, are fast becoming the most popular facial treatments due to the pure indulgence, and the multiply benefits to your skin.

These include, hydration, smoothing, increased moisture retention, reducing inflammation and they help form collagen and elasticity to keep the skin looking younger and more supply.

The application of the Jelly masks, allows a soft vacuum like suction to the brow area, creating a seal over the skin to penetrate the ingredients deeply in to the area.

After seeing the amazing results theses masks offer, I have now included them alongside by Brow services.

These luxury masks are perfect after a brow shape, or lamination as they provide a cooling effect to the brow area, are extreme hydrating and reduce any redness associated with hair removal.

Not to mention they are so relaxing.