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Extension Safe Make up

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Yes, you heard me right, EXTENSION SAFE MAKEUP.

For all you lash lovers out there, Eyelash Extension Safe Makeup is finally here.

The only Extension Safe Makeup range in Australia, You can now enjoy the luxury of extensions and still wear makeup.

Other makeup products, will build up in the lash line and cause damage to your extensions, and is a big NO NO.

This range has been specifically developed to be used along side Extensions, with no damage what so ever.

The Luxurious, high quality, cruelty free cosmetics range is bought to you from LBLA Cosmetics an Co, and consists of:

Everlasting Eyeliner, A long wearing deep black liquid liner, that glides on for smooth application and dries smudge proof, its water resistant and won't build up in your lashes or break down the extension adhesive.

Bottom Line Mascara, which was perfectly formulated to be paired with lash extensions.

The tiny precision brush gives you complete control over your look, with a buildable, oil free, intelligent formula that is smudge proof and won't build up on your upper lashes.

Eyeliner Eyeshadow, the oil free formulation guarantees an application free from the dreaded fallout lash wearers tend to experience with powdered eyeshadows.

These shadows are highly pigmented and blend flawlessly, their waterproof and set within 60 seconds for a long lasting crease free finish.

If you love your extensions, but love makeup just as much, this range is for you.

(full range is available on my retail store)

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