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Classic V's Wet Look Classics - Whats the difference?

Lashes have come such a long way, since I first started in the industry 20 years ago.

The only lash style available back then, were Classic Lashes.

Still extremely popular Classic Lashes are when 1 lash extension is applied to each individual natural lash to create added length, its a very natural look, and works best for people with quite a lot of natural lashes.

The new trending take on Classic Lashes is to use lash extensions of a thinner diameter and apply multiple unfaned lashes (similar to spikes) on to each individual natural lash, to create length, fullness and a denser lash line.

The pros of Wet Look Classic is they provide a slightly fuller looking lash set which is great for people with sparse natural lashes, and it gives me the ability to wrap each extension around the natural lash, to provide longer retention.

Both looks are still very natural, it just depends on the overall look you would like to achieve.



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