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How to look after your lash extensions.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Clean lashes, mean longer lasting lashes, and longer lasting lashes mean happy client and happy lash artist.

Gone are the days, where you were told not to wet your lash extensions for 24hr - 48hrs, in fact, I want you to wash and brush your lashes daily.

You are investing in a premium lash service and must take care of your lashes.

Lashbox provide a Bubble Lash Shampoo, specifically formulated for Lash extensions, to ensure that your lashes are perfectly cleaned and protected from all of the dirt, pollution and impurities that have such an impact on retention.

Your lashes must be washed daily, as well as after swimming or working out at the gym.

Once you have washed your lashes with Bubble Lash Shampoo, simply comb through with a mascara wand and your lashes will look as good as new.

It is best to let your lashes dry naturally or to use a non woven fabric towel.

Do not pick at your lashes, do not wear makeup (unless it is extension safe), try sleeping on your back or wearing a silk sleeping mask.

All of these aftercare products are available on my retail store.

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