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Brow Lamination Maintenance - and why its so important!

Its important to maintain your brows in between Brow Lamination appointments.

Brow Lamination is recommended every 6-8 weeks, so in the weeks after your appointment, there are some things you need to do, to maintain your brows.

I advise all my clients, to apply castor oil daily (preferably just before bed) to the brow hairs.

This will keep them hydrated and in amazing condition.

When you get out of the shower and the brows are still damp, this is the best time to brush your brow hairs into the desired position.

Obviously depending on your brow hair growth, you may have some unwanted brow hairs returning and your tint may have faded after a few weeks (depending on the tint you had at the time of lamination).

This is why I suggest booking in for my "Brow Lamination maintenance " service, after 3-4 weeks

This service includes, a tidy of the brow area, to remove any unwanted brow hairs, and a Keratin Botox Brow Treatment, for extra hydration.

This service is $40, and will insure your brows stay in optimum condition in between lamination appointments.

If needed, you can always add a Regular or Hybrid Brow tint, if the tint has faded during this period.

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