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Eyelixer Eyeshadow - Extension Safe

Eyelixer Eyeshadow - Extension Safe

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Eyelash extension safe eyeshadow.

This oil free liquid Eyelixir formulation guarantees an application free of the dreaded fallout, lash wearers tend to experience with powdered eyeshadows.

These shadows are highly pigmented and blend flawlessly, and the waterproof formulas sets within 60 seconds for a long lasting crease free finish.

The main moisturising ingredient Aquaxyl, conditions the skin and optimises circulation throughout the skin layers, it boosts hyaluronic acid production, which smooths fine lines and offers anti ageing benefits.

Designed for the daily eyeshadow wearer, these larger size eyeshadows allow you to buy your favourite colour, unlike an eyeshadow pallet where you may only use a limited selection of colours.

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