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Lash Box Bubble Lash Shampoo - 150ml

Lash Box Bubble Lash Shampoo - 150ml

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Clean lashes, mean longer lasting lashes.

And longer lasting lashes mean happier clients and happy lash artist.


The Mermain Elixer of lash care, this Bubble Lash Shampoo creates masses of beautiful bubbles that work their magic, to ensure that your lashes are perfectly cleaned and protected from all the dirt, pollution and impurities that have such an impact on retention.


The ultimate combination of gentle and powerful, this non burning formula is tear free, and has been developed to contain the same pH as your skin to maintain the natural balance of delicate eyelid skin.


Perfect for daily use and is a must for great looking extensions.

Pair it with a Unicorn Brush and Lash Drying Towel to keep your cleansing game on point, and make your lashes last.

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